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Salary Survey

Salary Survey
12 Questions

  Here are just a few questions Credit Today's 2007 Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey explores

  1. Do you want to insure that you are fair to your employees? Do you know specifically what the market rates are in your area for comparable responsibilities?

  2. Do you know if you are being fairly compensated?

  3. How do you grade your job? Do you have specific, measurable parameters to help you know what you and your employees are worth?

  4. Are your starting salaries, and low and high ranges, realistic or based simply on best guesses?

  5. What's more important in determining your worth to your company? The size of your staff? The size of your A/R portfolio? Your ability to interact with sales? Your ability to collect?

  6. Do you know what is getting credit executives promoted? Where should you be working to improve your skills and those of employees in your department? Which skill sets are REALLY the most important?

  7. Do you know how much of a premium is paid for suburban versus rural markets? For urban versus suburban markets?

  8. What are the starting, mid-range, and high-ranges for regional credit managers? For collectors? For A/R managers? For deductions managers?

  9. What raises are expected this year? How about bonuses? Who's getting them? How much are they, and why?

  10. Do you know why - if you're not careful - excellence in collection activities could be a trap that hinders your long-term success?

  11. What are the special concerns of small and one-person departments? How are they different from larger credit operations?

  12. Do you know where you stand nationwide? Do you know what the upside is in credit if you stick with it? You might be very surprised!

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