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You have a very very good site. It's very intuitive and easy to use. I got much better quality candidates than Monster.com and presented seven great candidates to my most recent client. Every candidate that I spoke to was very positive about the site. I'm glad I found out about you. I'll definitely use you for the next credit job I work on. Keep up the good work!
Wayne Kale Ryon Recruiters Hendersonville, NC                         


We posted on Monster originally, because that was standard procedure for our HR Group. But I insisted that we use the NACM South Texas portal of CreditJobsToday.com and the results were fantastic! The quality of candidates at CreditJobsToday.com was much higher than on Monster. We found someone who had been very active in our credit association. She had some great credentials and had taken time off for personal reasons.  The NACM South Texas/CreditJobsToday.com job board was the first place she went to look. We’ve really upgraded our credit department with this hire!

Don Giallanza, Credit Manager, Penreco, Spring, TX

Your site did great! I normally use places like Monster, but this time I tried yours. We got some very qualified people, extended an offer and it has been accepted!. Your site is more targetted. If you put it out on a general board, you get a lot of people that aren't qualified. But this works and I will use it again. Thank you for your help.
Mike Borgen, Employment Manager, Robert Bosch Corp.

We posted a job and had to take it down after just a couple of days because we received so many resumes. It's a great site. I'll definitely use it again!
Carolyn Pavlovsky, General Credit Manager Tyco Valves & Controls Houston, TX

Your site did well! We appreciate it.We were looking for a regional credit manager and found about 25 candidates, with about 12 being good fits. The time and the money spent was well worth it - the response was excellent.
Ron St. John, Credit Consultant, Westminster, CA

I enjoyed talking to you a month or so ago. We used your website and have hired a person via its use. Our HR manager was skeptical at first when I suggested to her we use it. After receiving several resumes and lots of hits on the site, she was pretty impressed how well it worked for us. Also she commented how easy the posting was set up for resumes to be faxed in.

Thanks much for helping me out.
Bill Ingham, Credit Manager, Cargill, Riverview, FL

CreditJobsToday worked great for me! I was very pleased with it. I also tried Monster.com and the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but CreditJobsToday.com worked much better than both of them - I got better caliber people.

I was looking not only for a certain range salary-wise, but I needed a number of other qualifications to get the right person. I needed them to have been with a $300 million corporation. I needed some manufacturing background and multi-locations. And I needed some longevity. I found all of that. Thanks!
Jean Cody, Principle, Jean Cody Associates Inc., Atlanta, GA

The response from CreditJobsToday was great! The newspaper ad we ran ended up being a waste of time, and we didn't really have much of a response from Monster. Yours was the BEST. We found some REALLY good candidates.
Dennis Miklavic, Florida Division Credit Manager, Mayer Electric Supply Co., Tampa, FL

"We used the CreditJobsToday.com site (via CMA) this summer and received many good resumes. We interviewed three people, all from your site, and ended up hiring one of them. Your site is a very valuable tool for anyone looking to find someone in credit! In fact, we're using it again already now!"
- Marvin Good, Corporate Credit Manager
International Aluminum Corporation, Monterey Park, CA

CreditJobsToday.com is the best place to go to find qualified people for the credit industry. It's very productive and is a time-saver compared to other sites, which have "everybody and their mother" on them. I got a lot of useless resumes from Monster, but found very qualified people on CreditJobsToday.com. We found a great employee through your site. Thank you!
Food Service Credit Exec