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Salary Survey

Salary Survey
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Just a few of the many comments from users of the last Credit Today Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey . . .

The Credit Today Survey is certainly the most comprehensive in the field, packed with 82 pages of data that breaks down credit compensation by title, number of staff supervised, AR portfolio size, company size by annual sales, number of active accounts, region, educational level, certification obtained, years on the job, and other factors. Based on nearly 1000 responses from every U.S. region plus Canada, as well as a comprehensive range of industries and businesses, this survey allows credit pros to benchmark their compensation with a high degree of precision.
IOMA (Institute of Management)'s Report on Managing Credit Receivables and Collections, New York, NY

Your salary survey was excellent! It covered all credit department positions. It helped me go to my boss to quantify and justify my position and helped me negotiate a raise! It served as an outside confirmation on where I stand with my company. Credit Today did a really good job with this!
- Jerry Deutch, Corporate Credit Manager, Boston Acoustics

The Credit Today salary survey helped me to benchmark our salaries. It was particularly timely for me because I was about to hire for a new position in credit, and our salaries were too low to be competitive in our market. I took the salary to our human resources department to make the case and they were convinced. Without this information we would have hired someone less qualified.
- Adam Waterfield, Regional Credit Manager, Cardinal Health

I found the comparison of female/male salaries very helpful. I recently hired three women in my department and made sure that they got paid the “right way.” As a result, I’ve got three stellar performers!
- Lee Tompkins, Corporate Credit Manager, Cincinnati Cordage & Paper Company

I’ve never seen a salary survey that’s so complete. I was very very impressed! The results were very exciting to me and I’ve been a University professor in this area for 15 years!”
- Dr. John H. Boyd, PhD, Director of Career Services, Baylor University, Waco, TX & Instructor, NACM Credit Congress

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